Why are you banned ?

There are a few possibilities why you could have been banned. We'll discuss all of them below.

Hack attempt

Someone has tried to access your account, your account has been banned temporarily as a precaution. Try again a little later and you will probably be able to log in again.

Multiple teams

You have been managing more than one team. You will stay banned until your team is deleted.

Irregular transfer

You have done a transfer with a team that is managed from the same computer, or the transfer price was too high. This is strictly forbidden by the rules, and is automatically detected by the software. Your account will stay banned until your team has been deleted.

Irregular tournament participation

It's not allowed to participate in the same expensive tournament as another manager using the same PC as you are.

Offensive behaviour

You have placed offensive content on either the SoccerProject site or the forum.

Friendly games

Abusing friendly games is not allowed.


If you feel you have been banned unjustly you can appeal by replying to the mail you got saying you were banned, but this will not help if you have cheated. Remember to write in English and to clearly explain your situation. If you did not receive a mail you can contact

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